Operating since 2010 and helping countless people feel better in themselves and great bodies that they are proud of.

If you’re wanting the very best personal training in Newcastle upon Tyne, whether you are looking to lose weight or improve your fitness, we can personally tailor a plan to your specific needs. From the first meeting with your personal trainer, your good intentions will transform into satisfying and permanent gains to your health, well-being and fitness.

Our approach is to take time to fully understand what it is you are wanting to achieve from First Call Fitness before developing a truly unique training and nutrition plan that is tailored for how you eat, work and exercise. 

If you are looking for an “off the shelf” package, unfortunately we are not the company for you, and chances are you may realise that an off the shelf package will mean you will pay more than once finding the right package for you. Why get an off the shelf package when First Call Fitness can create your own personal programme. Pay once, and get the right plan for you.

If you are looking to make a significant change to your body, lifestyle and fitness, then you have come to the right place.